• Provide more patient capital to match KET companies longer development cycle
  • Experienced in investing, operating and growing KET enterprises
  • Global high-tech network, as well as local Scandinavian roots
  • Excellent investment track record

For Entrepreneurs

  • Patient capital with sufficient funds to invest over the company’s life cycle
  • Industry and business development expertise
  • Ability to support recruiting of key executives
  • Corporate partnering and networking contacts
  • Solid international investment network

For Investors

  • Proven ability to source and select unique KET investment opportunities
  • Long-term view with high-return expectations
  • Focus on building sustainable companies with significant societal value

For the Northern European Region

  • Transforming citizens’ excellent research and engineering into viable new enterprises
  • Creating high-value jobs
  • Creating sustainable industries that enhance the quality of life in the region
  • Completing the “Virtuous R&D Cycle” (see below), leading to more growth and innovation


A Sample of Specific Investment Areas and Pipeline

  • Next-generation solar technologies
  • New battery and energy storage technologies
  • New semi materials and processes with unique characteristics and scalable solutions
  • Photonics startups, including cross-breeding with biotech applications
  • Printed electronics such as printed LEDs
  • Neuromorphic chips that can be used for drones, virtual reality, and even helping paralyzed people to walk again
  • Several other fields, all enabling large end-markets from mobile communications to various industries to health care
  • Robust pipeline of over one-hundred companies